This photo is of the members at the first 
Sun City Rockers Nelson public 
dance.  Taken at the entrance to the Ken 
Ching Room, and Sports Hall corridor, 
A photo of members – 11th May 2008

Standing, from the left:
    Noel Bone, John Moffitt,
    Marie Calder(Bone) Merle Moffitt,
    Liz Scowen, Jan Lord(Ralfe),
    Julie Cowan, Carol Hunter,
    Robyn Owen, Ian Cowan,
    Angela Verrijt, Annabelle Armstrong,           Adrienne Sargent, Brian McDougal.

Kneeling, from the left:
    Mary Stratford(Mann) Dennis Owen,
    Jim Sargent, Ken Horrill,
    Graham Fittock, Pam Fellowes(Murphy).

On the Floor:
    Grant Sarginson, Ava McDougal.

    Names of some people who were there at the beginning and are still members,
    in order of their involvement

     Ken Horrill (Member of first committee, second Secretary)      

     Carol Hunter (first Secretary)

     Jim & Adrienne Sargent (Jim first President, Adrienne Member of first Committee)

     Marie & Noel Bone (Marie and Noel were both Members of the first Committee)

     Graham Fittock (Member of first Committee and first teacher with Julie)

    Annabelle Armstrong (Member of first Committee) Jan Lord and Brydon Banks


    Significant people who were there at the formation of the Club, but are no longer members:

     Julie and Ian Cowan (Julie was first Treasurer and Teacher) Now belongs to Hawkes Bay Rock’n’Roll Club. 

    Both their daughters have competed at the NZARRA Junior Nationals.

     Grant Sarginson (First Vice President) Grant lives in Nelson, but is no longer dancing.