Sun City Rockers currently have a membership of approximately 100 members.
We are focused on growing our club, especially our juniors.

If you are interested in becoming a financial member of our Sun City Rockers, Nelson, you also need to be a member of Club Waimea.

Our membership year is from 1st Jun – 31st May the following year.

If you join part way through the year you are still required to pay again on 1st June for the next dancing year.

Membership Type and Fees


  • $15      Ordinary per person

  • $10      Junior (under 18 yrs)

  • $25      Family 

 When membership is renewed before 1st August a $5 discount will apply eg. Ordinary $10.

 New members – to join anytime qualify for the reduced rate $10.

A Membership Application form is not available online at present. 
They are on our desk on Tuesday nights in the Club Waimea Hall. 
Life Members:
Annabelle Armstrong Marie Bone 
Graham Fittock Ken Horrill 
Carol Hunter Chris Pepperell 
Jim Sargent Adrienne Sargent 

2017 Life Members: Cutting our 18th Birthday Cake                         2014 Life Members: Cutting our 15th Birthday Cake
Carol, Annabelle, Chris, Marie, Ken
                                                                                                                            Jim, Marie, Adrienne